Rigid Box V-Grooving Machine is specifically designed for Box Makers, Book Binders, and other Card Board Product Manufacturers.

Megabound V-Groover cuts grooves into board blanks that can subsequently be folded into high-end luxury boxes. This machine enables pack producers to create boxes with crisp corners with a solid finish.

The scoring blades can be adjusted to cut at angles of between 90° and 130° and the machine can produce with a versatile production speed-range of 30 to 300 meters a minute. The blades can be set to cut through to a precise depth, enabling our V-Groover to cut through to the last layer of the board. The machine can process boards of 1mm-6mm thickness and widths of up to 900mm. The changeover time is not more than 2-5 minutes.

Fully automatic board feeding with quick production flow. Single direction four lines V grooving. Extendable to the 5th line.

In a nutshell, A Perfect Solution to be part of your Luxury Packaging Division.

Technical Data (Click  to Enlarge)

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