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This is the most compact fully-automatic hard case maker with a robustly built design. It consists of an automatic hot melt gluing station, an automatic paper cover feeder, an impeccable automatic glue viscosity control system, a sensor-based automatic board fixing station with a vacuum bed conveyor, an automatic board spotter for precise finishing, an automatic turning-in & tucking-in system for four side folding. 


After the successful placement of the boards, the cover is automatically passed through the turning-in unit.

The machine is designed with two (2) turning-in units. In the first unit, the folding and tucking-in of two sides take place automatically before the cover is sent to the second unit where the remaining two sides are folded and tucked in.


The turning-in units are also designed for the calendaring of cases. The calendaring unit removes the air bubbles in the case before turning in.


This machine also handles cases with a central window(s) cut out for photo album production. 

The final, ready case is delivered at the rear end of an inclined delivery table with an inbuilt unique automatic stacking system.





  • Inbuilt VISCOSIMETER for automatic control of Glue Viscosity.

  • Automatic Cover feeding with TOP GLUING SYSTEM.

  • Conveyer with Vacuum Suction to hold paper for the perfect registry.

  • Precise Automatic Board Spotting. 

  • Automatic Tucking, Turning in & Calendaring.

  • Automatic Heating system for Glue Roller so that glue remains melted in very cold climate condition.

  • 1 Pass 4 Fold.

  • Automatic WINDOW PASTING SYSTEM for Photo Book Albums.

  • Wide Format with Max Case size 450mmX800mm (Open).

  • Approx. 20 Cycles/Minute.

  • Automatic Delivery & Stacking System.

  • Fully Programmed Touch Panel System from Human-Machine interface

  • Most Compact Fully Automatic Hard Case Maker.


Technical Data (Click to Enlarge)
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