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Semi-automatic Hard Case Maker CB-310 is designed for operation by one-two persons and ideal for short-run jobs. For Hardcover Bookcases, Ring Binders, Ring Files, Box Files, Table-top Calendars, Game Boards, Puzzle Boards, Rigid Box Cases, etc.

It is compatible with both types of Glue: Hote-Melt Glue or Cold Glue. 

The gluing rollers are made of stainless steel for rust-free long life. Special regulation knobs are given for fine adjustment of glue thickness, on any kind of materials. By use of the special registering device in the centre of the sheet, the exact positioning of the two boards and the spine strip are possible by following the print reference on the sheet. Vacuum Suction Holes on the surface of the worktable fix the cloth/sheet in place and keep it smooth, while the lay guides help to place the case board and the centre strip accurately in position.


The single turning unit is designing for flexibility, to work with different materials ensuring a tight corner wrap. After board fixing, the case is inserted manually into the turning-in unit for each of the four sides. The calendaring unit removes the air bubbles in the case after turning-in; the rollers can be adjusted according to the thickness of the case.

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