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A compact and ideal solution for Book Covers, Box Files, Photo Albums, Clip Pads, Game Boards, Photo Album window pasting & folding, Note Books, Diaries in different sizes. Easy format change over. Window pasting and folding also possible.

All the operations are executed by the operator seated in front of the machine. The operator passes the cover material into the gluing unit where it receives an even coating of hot gelatine glue.


Utilizing foot-switches, the operator controls the air suction plate for perfect registering of the cover material. By the use of suction bars, the Active ‘Plus’ model automatically places the board pieces accurately to the cover material.Turning into the cover material on all four edges takes place in only two passes of the case by the operator. This process is enhanced by the use of brushes and pressing rollers: an added benefit is that the ‘Active Plus model can also handle cases with a central window cut-out for photo album production.

At this point, the working process is completed and the final product is delivered to the rear of the machine on an inclined delivery table.


  Active ‘PLUS’ Features


  • All the benefits of the active plus model, with increased production

  • Extremely accurate automatic board spotting action

  • Exceptionally wide format range

  • Cost-effective, simple and reliable

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