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MEGABOUND Automatic Rigid Box Machine is the advanced box forming solution ensuring High-Accuracy & High-Quality production with Higher Speed. It is used to produce Premium Apple iPhone Boxes, Luxury Boxes, Sweet Boxes, Jewellery Boxes, Watch Boxes, and so on.



1. It is equipped with an Intelligent Human-Machine Interface System.

2. Japanese Robotic Arm Positioning System that ensures the Box Positioning Error to almost nil. (+/- 0.1mm).

3. German Servo Technology for a smooth, flawless, and quick operation.

4. Intelligent Adjustment equipped with Pre-Fed Memory function. It can recall previously produced Box parameters for the production, reducing the time for adjustment, fast transfer of job with higher efficiency.

5. It can be used to make Ear-To-Ear, Ear-Cross-Ear Folding Box, and Bix with some irregular shapes like High-Low Boxes.

6. Maximum Turn-In Depth is up to 100mm.

Technical Data (Click to Enlarge)

MB Automatic Rigid Box Machine Tec Spec.
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